Handmade TOPAZ Brown bracelet

  • Materials: 
    • Swarovski brown glass crystals
    • Brown Miyuki
    • Stainless Steel Gold Finishing
  • Length: standard size +-17,5cm 

TOPAZ Brown Bracelet

PriceFrom €15.00
  • Sir.BLOND only uses 100% nickel-free and high-quality materials to ensure a long-lifetime for every piece of jewelry. 

    Stainless Steel Gold
    Stainless steel is durable and easy to maintain. 100% stainless steel is a hard metal that never loses its color. It resists corrosion and scratches, making it 24-hour wearable (also during showers) and long-lasting. Polishing stainless steel doesn’t require special cleaning care, making it a lot easier to maintain compared to its gold and silver counterparts.


    Miyuki beads, available in many different colors, are made from glass and are known for their uniform shape.


    The original Swarovski crystals are made from quartz sand and natural minerals.