About Sir.BLOND

Sir.BLOND creates contemporary jewelry designs made from long-lasting materials with a touch of glamour!

Inspired by a minimalistic approach, Sir.BLOND designs chic, but bold jewelry essentials that become part of your daily look.

All jewelry items are handcrafted and made to last! By using durable materials, such as stainless steel, a long lifetime of the jewelry pieces is assured.

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Welcome to my shop!

The place to find the finest jewelry for everybody.
I want you to
stop overspending and begin underspending on durable, high quality, ánd extraordinary jewelry!


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Sir.BLOND's Philosophy

Sir.BLOND is a Dutchie with a passion for creating jewelry & sunglass cords! Through this way, Sir.BLOND wants you to shine every day without any effort!

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Sir.BLOND works together with the artisan Season Blend: an experienced Dutch jewelry wholesaling company. Sir.BLOND and Season Blend together create all handmade jewelry in Season Blend's own atelier in the Netherlands.

Together we have been making jewelry and sunglass cords for years, always experimenting with new materials and designs. This led us to today: offering you truly one-of-a-kind jewelry items & sunglass cords made of state-of-the-art materials such as suede, silk, and much more!


Your Jewelry Essentials